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Tally Prime Basic With GST

The tally prime course in vizag teaches you accounting abilities that will aid you in the future. Do you want to stay ahead in the competitive job market and enhance your career prospects? Look no further than tally prime training is the best software training institute in Vizag. Here, you learn about accounting tools and basic financial management for businesses across industries. Whether you are a student, an aspiring accountant, or a seasoned professional seeking advanced training, we are the best institute of tally prime learning course in Vizag, and it can be a game-changer for you. In our tally prime course in vizag, we cover important topics that help you to get complete knowledge about the tally course.

Tally Prime with GST Course in Vizag


Why Choose Our Tally Prime  Training?

Opting for our Tally Prime Training is a strategic choice for individuals seeking expertise in one of the most widely used accounting and business management software solutions. Our program is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive training on Tally Prime, covering its features, functionalities, and applications in depth. Led by experienced instructors with proficiency in accounting and finance, our training ensures a hands-on and practical learning experience. The curriculum covers key aspects of Tally Prime, including ledger management, inventory tracking, financial reporting, and GST compliance.

Course Outline


  • Explanation of accounts & rules

  • Difference between manual and computerized accounting

  • Why is tally prime?

  • Tally generations table

  • Software download and installation 

  • Company information

  • Company creation

  • Accounts features

  • Inventory features

  • Statutory & Taxation

  • Masters

  • Create / alter / chart of accounts

  • Payroll masters  

    • Emp category

    • Emp group

    • Employees

    • Pay heads

    • Salary details

  • Inventory masters

    • Stock groups

    • Stock categories

    • Units of measure

    • Stock items

    • Godowns

    • Tax rates for items 

      • Accounting masters

      • Groups

      • Cost categories

      • Cost centers

      • Ledgers

      • Exam

      • Transaction: voucher entry

      • Credit purchases

      • Credit sales

      • Cash pur and sal

      • Receipts

      • Payments

      • Receipts & Payments

      • Profit and Loss account

      • Balance sheet

      • Closing stock

      • Ratio analysis

      • Trial balance

      • Daybook

      • Cash flow

      • Funds flow

      • Accounts books

      • Statement of accounts

      • Inventory books

      • Statements of inventory

      • GST Reports

      • Payroll Reports

      • Exceptional report

      • Company menu

      • Data menu

      • Exam


Success Stories:

Few of our students placed in various organizations.

Student Name Job Role Organization Description

profile pic

Sai Keerthi Accountant Sai Computers Vizag Mrs Sai Keerthi hails from vizag, she has learned Tally course from datapro computers under the guidance of Mr Karan for 3 Months and sh..... Sai Keerthi
Nikhil Accountant UV Shipping Services Vizag Mr Nikhil is a Non Commerce Graduate hails from Kerala, shifted to vizag and while he was searching for Tally Course he found datapro co..... Nikhil
M Lalitha Accountant SSB Enterprises Ms M Lalitha CA (I) hails from Vizag and also a Commerce Graduate she learned Tally Prime from datapro computers and now she is working ..... M Lalitha
Rajeev Ratan Accountant Skywall Interiors Mr Rajeev Ratan is a Non Commerce Graduate with BSC Background, He approached datapro to learn Manual Accounts & Tally under the Gui..... Rajeev Ratan
Hema Accounts Assistant Karan Enterprises Mrs Hema is a B.com Graduate and she hails from Vizag, tally is her option for getting a good job as she is a Comerce Graduate, she lear..... Hema
Bhanu Accounts Assistant Royal Enfield Showroom Mr Bhanu is a MBA Graduate previously worked as a Marketing Executive in SRMT & Royal Enfield  Vizag, later he joined data..... Bhanu

Datapro Tally Prime Certification Course in Vizag

Tally Prime has become an essential tool for modern-day businesses. In our tally prime certificate in vizag we teach about accounting software, which is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that can transform the way businesses manage their finances. With its advanced features and seamless integration with GST, investing in our tally prime with gst course in vizag is a decision that will yield long-lasting benefits.