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45 Days

Batch Starts : 2023-09-21

PHP Course Contents

1.         HTML Introduction

             a.         HTML Tags

             b.         Static Webpage designing using table tags


2.         JavaScript Introduction

            a.         Conditional Statement

            b.         While/For Loops

            c.         If. Else, Switch, Arrays

            d.         Functions

            e.         Validations


3.         Introduction of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

            a.        Syntax, ID & Class

            b.        Styling Backgrounds on Different Controls

4. PHP Introduction
             l.        WAMP/LAMP Installations

             l.        Variable, String, Operators,

             l.        If. Else, Switch, Arrays

             l.        While Loops, for Loops

             l.        Functions

             l.        Forms

             l.        GET Method/POST Method

             l.        Date/String functions

             l.        Include/require

             l.        Include once / require once

             l.        Files

             l.        File Upload

             l.        Cookies

             l.        Sessions

             l.        E-mail sending

             l.        Exception Handing

             l.        Filters

             l.        Introduction On OOPS

             l.        Abstraction/Encapsulation

             l.        Inheritance

             l.        Polymorphism

             l.        Abstract/Interface



            l         Advantages

            l         Connection Functions

            l         Write in Xml

            l         Read from Xml



            l.        Connection Functions

            l.        DDL Commands

            l.        DCL Commands

            l.        DML Commands

            l.        Aggregations Functions

            l.        Order By, Group By Functions



l         Different between JavaScript and Ajax

l         Advantages

                    l         Data retrieving from php using Ajax


8.         Introduction on CMS

            l         Example on CMS Packages


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