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Devops with Aws

Welcome to the world of DevOps and AWS! We'll embark on a journey to understand the fundamental concepts of DevOps and its lifecycle. In the DevOps with AWS course in Vizag, you'll be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to implement DevOps practices seamlessly on the AWS Cloud, making it an excellent choice for DevOps with AWS training in Vizag. Building on the basics, this introduces the core services offered by AWS. Get an overview of compute services, delve into essential networking services, and explore the various storage services available on AWS—foundational knowledge essential for AWS DevOps in Vizag.

Overview of DevOps with AWS course in Vizag

In our DevOps with AWS course in Vizag, we dive into implementing DevOps using AWS. Unleash the power of AWS for DevOps, explore various tools and practices that streamline software release workflows, and master deployment automation—all crucial components of AWS DevOps training in Vizag. Here, you get practical knowledge of AWS DevOps tools. Understand AWS CodeCommit, set up and manage repositories with CodeCommit, automate building and testing with CodeBuild, and deploy applications efficiently with CodeDeploy—all part of the practical skills needed for AWS DevOps certification in Vizag.

DevOps with AWS course Modules in Vizag

After you learn DevOps with AWS in Vizag, you will understand the key ideas of how you should accomplish work in crucial scenarios. Here is our DevOps with AWS training in Vizag modules.

Module 1: Introduction to DevOps and AWS

  •     Understanding DevOps and its Lifecycle
  •     Defining DevOps: A Comprehensive Overview
  •     Importance of DevOps in Modern IT
  •     Unveiling the Advantages of Adopting DevOps
  •     DevOps in a Nutshell
  •     Leveraging the Power of DevOps on the AWS Cloud
  •     Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing
  •      Why choose AWS for DevOps?
  •     Unpacking AWS Cloud Services and Products
  •     Creating an Amazon Web Services Account
  •     Exploring AWS Free Tier Services
  •     Navigating the AWS Management Console
  •     Understanding AWS Regions and Availability Zones
  •     Overview of AWS Billing Dashboard

Module 2: DevOps Foundations on AWS

  •     Compute Services on AWS: An Introduction
  •     Networking Services on AWS: Essential Concepts
  •     Storage Services on AWS: Exploring Options
  •     Other Essential AWS Services

Module 3: Implementing DevOps using AWS

  •     Unleashing the Power of AWS for DevOps
  •     DevOps Tools and Practices with AWS
  •     Streamlining Software Release Workflows
  •     Building and Testing Code Efficiently
  •     Deployment Automation with AWS
  •     Unified CI/CD Projects on AWS
  •     Embracing a Production-Ready Docker Platform
  •     Serverless Computing: A DevOps Approach
  •     Mastering Security Management with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Module 4: AWS IAM and Security

  •     Understanding IAM: The Backbone of Security
  •     How IAM Works: A Comprehensive Overview
  •     AWS Identity Management: Users, Groups, and Roles
  •     Access Management: Permissions and Policies
  •     Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) for AWS
  •     Security Features Beyond IAM
  •     Quick Links to Common Security Tasks
  •     Delegating Access and Permissions
  •     IAM Identities: Users, User Groups, and Roles
  •     Security in IAM and AWS Security Token Service (STS)
  •     Leveraging AWS IAM Access Analyzer
  •     Troubleshooting IAM Challenges

Module 5: AWS Security Services

  •     AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  •     AWS Firewall Manager: Safeguarding Your Infrastructure
  •     Harnessing AWS WAF and AWS Shield Advanced
  •     Monitoring and Managing Security with Amazon GuardDuty
  •     Integrating AWS Services for Advanced Security
  •     Trusted Advisor for AWS: Your Security Ally
  •     Organizational View and Change Log for Trusted Advisor
  •     Troubleshooting Resources with AWS Support

Module 6: AWS DevOps Tools in Action

  •     AWS CodeCommit: A Comprehensive Overview
  •     Setting Up and Managing Repositories with CodeCommit
  •     CodeBuild: Building and Testing Code Automatically
  •     CodeDeploy: Efficient Application Deployments
  •     AWS CodeStar: Simplifying DevOps Workflows
  •     AWS CloudFormation: Infrastructure as Code
  •     Elastic Beanstalk: Effortless Application Deployment
  •     AWS OpsWorks: Configuration Management Made Easy

Module 7: Monitoring and Optimization with AWS

  •     Amazon CloudWatch: A Robust Monitoring Solution
  •     Leveraging CloudWatch Metrics and Alarms
  •     Analyzing Application Health with ServiceLens
  •     Advanced Monitoring with Contributor Insights
  •     Performance Optimization with AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  •     AWS CloudTrail: Tracking Changes in Your Environment
  •     Amazon S3: Storage Management and Optimization
  •     Lambda Insights: Monitoring Serverless Applications
  •     DynamoDB: Efficient NoSQL Database Management

Module 8: Troubleshooting and Best Practices

  •     Troubleshooting AWS CodeCommit, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy
  •     Best Practices for AWS DevOps Services
  •     Tips for Efficiently Using AWS CloudFormation
  •     AWS Lambda Troubleshooting and Best Practices
  •     Troubleshooting Amazon ECS and ECR
  •     Troubleshooting AWS Security Services
  •     Best Practices for AWS Monitoring and Optimization
  •     AWS Support: Troubleshooting Resources and Services

Why Choose DevOps with AWS Certification in Vizag?

Master troubleshooting for AWS CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, Lambda, ECS, ECR, and AWS Security Services. Explore best practices for AWS DevOps services, gain tips for efficiently using AWS CloudFormation, and discover best practices for monitoring and optimization—crucial aspects for AWS DevOps certification in Vizag. Lastly, leverage AWS support for troubleshooting resources and services. By completing this comprehensive DevOps with AWS course in Vizag, with your newfound expertise, you'll be able to use DevOps techniques on the AWS Cloud with ease.

Benefits of DevOps with AWS Course in Vizag

Comprehensive Understanding of DevOps:

Gain a thorough understanding of DevOps and its lifecycle, equipping you with the knowledge to seamlessly integrate development and operations processes.

AWS Cloud Expertise:

Acquire expertise in utilizing the AWS Cloud for DevOps practices, making you proficient in leveraging cloud resources for efficient development and deployment.

Relevance to Vizag's IT Landscape:

Tailored content that addresses the specific needs of the IT landscape in Vizag, ensuring practical and locally relevant knowledge.

Preferred Choice for DevOps Training:

Explore why AWS is the preferred choice for DevOps practitioners, positioning you as a sought-after professional in the field.

Hands-On Experience:

Practical, hands-on experience with AWS tools and services ensures you're well-versed in the tools essential for DevOps implementation.