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Azure Course Contents

The Azure certification course in Vizag has grown in popularity in the computer business, giving up new opportunities for experts. Acquiring specific skills and certifications is essential for remaining ahead in the job market in this competitive time. In today's work environment, having an azure training in vizag is really valuable. It confirms your cloud computing experience and proves your ability to successfully use Azure tools and services. Companies are aggressively recruiting personnel trained in Azure to help their digital transformation strategies as cloud technologies become more widely adopted.

About Microsoft Azure Training Course in Vizag

Visakhapatnam has grown as a key technology hub in India, drawing a slew of IT companies and startups. The city provides a perfect environment for learning and growth, making it a great choice for pursuing an Azure certification course in vizag.

The availability of excellent Azure training in Vizag is one of the primary benefits of studying at our best Azure training institute in Vizag. Several known training providers in the city provide thorough and industry-aligned Azure training programs in Vishakhapatnam. These courses are taught by professional professors with hands-on Azure experience, ensuring that participants gain in-depth information and practical insights.

When it comes to choosing the best Azure course in Vizag, there are several factors to consider. It's essential to conduct thorough research and comparisons to ensure you enroll in a program that matches your learning objectives and provides the necessary knowledge and skills.

Microsoft Azure Course Curriculum in Vizag

A successful Azure course in Vizag should offer a thorough curriculum that covers all of the necessary ideas and skills for success in Azure. Look for a course that combines academic understanding with hands-on practice. This balance guarantees that you obtain a thorough grasp of Azure ideas as well as hands-on experience with Azure tools and services.

Introduction to Azure

  • Overview of Azure
  • Cloud technology overview
  • Azure Regions
  • Managing Azure with the Azure portal
  • Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell
  • Overview of Azure Resource Manager
  • Azure management services

Managing Microsoft Azure

  • Creating Azure Account
  • Types of Administrator
  • Use the Azure portals
  • Use Azure Resource Manager features via the Azure portal.
  • Use Azure PowerShell, Visual Studio, Azure Cloud Shell
  • Overview of Azure Resources and Resource Group
  • Creating and Managing Azure Resources and Resource Group

Implementing and managing Azure networking

  • Overview of Azure networking
  • Overview of Azure Network Components
  • Overview of Azure Virtual Network Gateways
  • Overview of Azure Point-to-Site, Site-to-Site and Express Route VPN
  • Implementing and managing Azure virtual networks (Vnet)
  • Configuring Azure virtual networks and Managing IP and Subnet
  • Configuring Azure virtual network connectivity
  • Configuring Azure Vnet Peering

Using a deployment template to implement Azure virtual networks

  • Creating an Azure virtual network by using a deployment template
  • Creating a virtual network by using PowerShell
  • Configure virtual networks

Configuring connectivity Azure Resource Manager virtual networks

  • Using a PowerShell script to connect a classic VNet and an Azure

Resource Manager VNet

  • Configuring Azure Virtual Network Gateways: Point-to-Site VPN
  • Validating virtual network connectivity

Implementing virtual machines

  • Overview of Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines
  • Planning for Azure virtual machines
  • Deploying Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines
  • Authoring Azure Resource Manager Templates
  • Overview of classic virtual machines

Creating Azure Resource Manager virtual machines in Azure

  • Creating virtual machines by using the Azure portal and Azure


  • Validating virtual machine creation

Deploying Azure Resource Manager virtual machines by using

Azure Resource Manager Templates

  • Using Visual Studio and an Azure Resource Manager template to deploy

Virtual machines

  • Using Azure PowerShell and an Azure Resource Manager template to Deploy virtual machines

Managing Azure virtual machines

  • Configuring virtual machines
  • Configuring virtual machine disks
  • Managing and monitoring Azure virtual machines
  • Managing classic virtual machines
  • Configuring Availability Set and Availability Zone
  • Configuring VMSS
  • Implementing desired state configuration (DSC)
  • Implementing storage space-based volumes

Implementing and Managing Azure load balance

  • Overview of the Azure Load Balancer
  • Types Of Azure Load Balancers
  • Configuring Azure Load Balancer and Azure Traffic Manager Load


Planning and implementing storage, backup, and recovery services

  • Planning storage, creating and configuring storage account
  • Implementing and Managing Storage
  • Implement Azure storage Account Kind and Replication
  • Managing access keys and generating shared access signature Keys
  • Implementing Azure Content Delivery Networks
  • Implementing Azure Backup
  • Planning for and implementing Azure Site Recovery
  • Creating and configuring Azure storage
  • Using Azure file storage
  • Protecting data with Microsoft Azure Backup

Implementing Network Security Group (NSG)

  • Create security rule
  • Associate NSG to a subnet or network interface
  • Identify required ports
  • Evaluate effective security rules

Azure name resolution (DNS)

  • Configure Azure DNS
  • Configure custom DNS settings
  • Configure private and public DNS zones

Azure App Service

  • Overview of the Azure App Service
  • Configuring and Managing Website’s
  • Pushing Webpages
  • Configuring Custom Domain

Azure Media Service

  • Overview Azure Media Service
  • Media Services Accounts
  • Storage Accounts
  • Stream on demand, upload Videos
  • Packaging and Publishing Videos
  • Player Client

Implementing Azure Active Directory and managing Hybrid Identities

  • Creating and managing Azure AD tenants
  • Creating and managing Azure AD Users and Groups
  • Configuring application and resource access with Azure AD Users
  • Overview of Azure AD Premium
  • Administering Active AD
  • Configuring SSO
  • Configuring Multi-Factor Authentication and enabling MFA by using bulk


  • Configuring SSO from a Windows 10-based computer

Azure AD

  • Manage Azure AD Connect
  • Install Azure AD Connect, including password hash and pass-through


  • Use Azure AD Connect to configure with on-premises Active Directory
  • Domain Services (AD DS)

Benefits of the Top Azure Course in Vizag

After careful consideration and selection, enrolling in the top azure training courses in vizag can offer numerous benefits that are essential for your career growth and success.

Hands-on Experience with Azure Tools and Services

The best Azure training in vizag focuses on providing practical exposure to Azure tools and services. By working on real-world projects and case studies, you gain hands-on experience in utilizing Azure tools effectively. This practical approach helps you develop the necessary skills and confidence to work with Azure in real-world scenarios.

Industry-Recognized Certification Preparation

Datapro Computers is the best Azure course in Vizag that focuses on preparing you for the certification test. To measure your readiness for the certification, you can anticipate full coverage of exam objectives, specific exam preparation sessions, and practice tests. Additionally, the course may include mock tests to assist you in acquainting yourself with the exam style and scheduling at our best azure training institute in vizag.

Networking and Job Placement Assistance

One of the significant advantages of joining our azure course in Vizag is the networking opportunities it provides. You get to interact with fellow course participants who share similar career aspirations and interests. check here for the recent update from this microsoft azure