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45 Days

Batch Starts : 2023-09-26

AWS Course Contents

Curriculum covers all aspects of AWS including Identity and Access Management, Amazon VPC, EC2, AWS S3, Databases, Application Services, Architect Highly available, fault-tolerant systems that will cover all AWS topics


Module 1: AWS Overview

Definition and Fundamentals of Cloud

Cloud Service Models

Cloud Deployment Models

Description of AWS

History and Evolution of AWS

Overview of AWS Products and Services

Walkthrough of AWS Free Tier Account


Module 2: Identity and Access Management

IAM Overview

IAM Policies

IAM Users

IAM Groups

IAM Roles

IAM best practices

Hands-On Lab


Creating an IAM Policy

Creating an IAM User

Creating an IAM Group

Creating an IAM Role


Module 3: Amazon VPC

IP Addressing overview

Amazon VPC Overview

Amazon VPC


Internet Gateway

Route Tables

VPC Best Practices

Hands-On Lab

Creating a custom VPC

Creating an Elastic IP Address

Creating Subnets

Creating Internet Gateways

Creating Route Tables

Creating a NAT Gateway

Creating a Security Group

Network ACL Overview

Creating VPC Peering connection


Module 4: EC2

Amazon EC2 Overview

Amazon Machine Images (AMI)

EC2 Instance Types

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

EBS Snapshots

EC2 Instance Pricing

Placement Groups

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

Auto Scaling

AWS Lambda

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Command Line Interface

EC2 Best Practices

AWS EC2 Costs

Hands-On Labs

Launch and connect to an EC2

Linux instance

Launch and connect to an EC2

Windows instance

Create an AMI

EC2 Instance Types

Attaching EBS Volumes

EBS Snapshots

EC2 Spot Pricing

Elastic Load Balancing

Auto Scaling



Module 5: AWS S3

Amazon S3 Overview

S3 Buckets

Version Control

Amazon S3 Lifecycle Management

Cloud Front and CDNs

Security and Encryption

Import/Export & Snowball

Amazon S3 Best Practices

Amazon S3 Costs

Hands-On Labs

Create and access an Amazon S3 Bucket

Amazon S3 Version Control

Amazon S3 Lifecycle Management

Amazon Cloud Front

Security and Encryption


Module 6: Route 53

Amazon Route 53 Overview

Amazon Route 53 and DNS

Route 53 Routing Policies

Route 53 best practices

Route 53 costs and prices

Practice Assignment: Amazon Route 53 Hosted Zone


Route 53 Hosted Zones Demo


Module 7: Databases

Databases Overview

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

AMI Databases

Amazon Dynamo DB

Amazon Redshift

Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon Aurora

AWS Database Migration Services (DMS)

Databases best practices

Databases costs

Hands On

Amazon RDS

Launching databases from an AMI

Amazon Dynamo DB


Module 8: Application Services

Simple Queue Service-SQS

Simple Notification Service-SNS

Application Services best practices

Application Services costs

Hands On

Amazon SNS


Module 9: Architect Highly available, fault-tolerant systems

How to Design Cloud Services

Planning and Designing

Monitoring and Logging

Hybrid IT architectures

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