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Introduction to Adobe Flash

Creating Movies from Templates

A Tour of the Interface

Touring Flash's Panels

A Look at the Flash Toolbox

Customizing the Interface

Exploring and Saving Workspaces

Setting Flash Preferences

      Setting the Auto-Save Option Drawing Tools

     Getting Started With the Pencil Tool

     Pencil Tool Options

     Using the Line Tool

     Flash's Brush Tool

     Understanding the Brush Tool Modes

     Using the Eraser Tool and Eraser Modes

     Drawing With the Pen Tool

     Drawing Straight Lines and Polygons

     Drawing Curves and Arcs

     Creating Combination Paths

     Manipulating Anchor Points - Part 1

     Manipulating Anchor Points

Layout of the Flash Desktop

Adobe Flash Library

Adding an Item to the Library

Displaying Items from your Library

Movie Clips

       Create Movie Clip 

       Convert Movie Clip

Explanation of key frames

Frame by frame animation Motion Tween

Create the Tween example

Classic Animation

Flash Shape Tween

Shape Text / images

Creating mask

Text masking 

Working with scenes

Sound Editing Tutorial

Adding Sound to a Movie 

Creating a Button

Convert Button

Action script 

Export your final movie