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C is a popular general-purpose programming language that is easy to learn and use. It is a machine-independent structured programming language that is widely used to create various applications, operating systems such as Windows, and many other complex programs such as Oracle database, Git, Python interpreter, and others.

It is said that 'C' is a programming language for gods. C can be thought of as a programming foundation. If you know 'C,' you can easily learn the other programming languages that use the 'C' concept.

A background in computer memory mechanisms is required because it is an important aspect when dealing with the C programming language.

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Following are the basic commands in the 'C' programming language:




This command includes a standard input output header file(stdio.h) from the C library before compiling a C program

int main()

It is the main function from where C program execution begins.


Indicates the beginning of the main function.


Whatever is written inside this command “/* */” inside a C program, will not be considered for compilation and execution.

printf(“Hello_World! “);

This command prints the output on the screen.


This command is used for any character input from the keyboard.

return 0;

This command is used to terminate a C program (main function) and it returns 0.


It is used to indicate the end of the main function.






  1. The 'C' programming language is widely used in embedded systems.

  2. It is used to create system applications.

  3. It is commonly used in the development of desktop applications.

  4. Adobe's majority of applications are written in the 'C' programming language.

  5. It is used to create browsers and extensions. Chromium is written in the 'C' programming language by Google.

  6. It's used to create databases. MySQL is the most popular database software written in 'C.'

  7. It is used in the creation of an operating system. The 'C' programming language is used to create operating systems such as Apple's OS X, Microsoft's Windows, and Symbian.

  8. It is used in the development of desktop and mobile operating systems.

  9. It is used in the creation of compilers.

  10. It is widely used in IOT applications.





As previously discussed, 'C' is a base language for many programming languages. As a result, learning 'C' as the primary language will be critical when studying other programming languages.


It uses many of the same concepts, such as data types, operators, control statements, and so on. The letter 'C' can be found in a variety of contexts. It is a simple language with faster execution. In today's market, there are numerous opportunities for 'C' developers.


'C' is a structured programming language in which the programme is divided into modules. Each module can be written separately, and when combined, they form a single 'C' programme.


This structure facilitates process testing, maintenance, and debugging. 'C' has 32 keywords, different data types, and a set of powerful built-in functions that make programming very efficient.


Another advantage of 'C' programming is that it can be extended. A 'C' programme contains various functions from a library. We can add our functions and features to the library.


In our programme, we can access and use these functions whenever we want. This feature simplifies working with complex programming.


There are numerous compilers on the market that can be used to execute programmes written in this language.


Because it is a highly portable language, programmes written in 'C' can run on other machines. This feature is required if the code is to be used or executed on another computer.



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